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Financial Trading Strategies

In this course, you will learn to develop and implement institutional (firm-level) financial trading strategies.  These strategies are guided by quantitative models that identify, quantify, and manage risks and expected return.  In so doing, you will learn how to make decisions in an uncertain environment.  The course is based on an experiential learning approach, in which trading simulation software provides a platform for delivering learning-by-doing cases.  Specific cases covered in the course include: agency trading; principal (liability) trading; algorithmic market making; managing risk capital with value-at-risk; and transportation, storage, and production arbitrage in commodity futures markets. The course also covers fundamental concepts in market microstructure, such as bid-ask spreads, price discovery, information asymmetry, liquidity, and inventory risk.

Babson Trading Competition

Annual competition open to undergraduate and graduate students from Babson, Wellesley, and Olin Colleges.

Sponsored by Fidelity Investments.

November 2, 2023

Babson College Trading Team

I am the faculty advisor of the Babson College Trading Team. Inder Majumdar '16 shares his experiences with the team here:

Babson sends a team each year to the Rotman International Trading Competition.  Babson won the competition in 2009 and placed second in 2007 and 2010. In 2020, Babson came 4th out of 49 teams representing leading universities from around the world.

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